Our Casbon Journey is a blog about those who share Casbon and related* surnames:

  • Genealogy data such as births, marriages, deaths (BMD), census data, etc.
  • News articles, biographies, photographs, anecdotes and ‘family legends’
  • Other families whose stories intertwine with our own
  • Occasional announcements or items of interest for living members of the family

I decided to create this blog because I wanted others to be able to have access to everything I have learned about this families with my surname. I did not want to limit myself to a specific branch of the family, or for that matter only to Casbons who are clearly related to one another. I thought a blog format would be more accessible than long lists and family trees. I like to think of it as writing a book ‘in installments.’ [Update: I published a book in late 2019. See Links]

For privacy’s sake, I will generally not be posting about living family members. However, I encourage family members to comment on posts about their ancestors and share whatever information they wish about themselves and their families.

It is also not a blog about current events and happenings in our families. There is a Facebook page for that.

There are branches of the family and perhaps unrelated individuals about whom I know little or nothing. I hope they will feel welcome to make comments and even write guest posts.

As to organization, what’s that? Some posts will be short, some will be long. I don’t necessarily want to write about events in chronological order, but will try to place them in context. As things progress I expect that I will add menus or links to include reference materials, traditional genealogical information, etc.

* Casban and Casben