Report Cards

Among the many treasures recently sent to me by John Casbon were photographs of these two report cards. These are obviously report cards for brothers Jesse (1898–1974) and Steven (1900–1979) Casbon. Jesse was John N Casbon’s father. Although the location and year of the report cards are not given, we can narrow these facts down… Continue reading Report Cards

Bundy School, Porter County Indiana, 1907

My father asked me to do some research on the Bundy school, located in Morgan Township, Porter County, Indiana. I found this photo on the facebook page for the Porter County Museum. [1] (Click on image to enlarge) The caption reads: 1907 image of the Bundy School in Morgan Township.Top Row: Grace Hubbel-teacher, Grace Lemster,… Continue reading Bundy School, Porter County Indiana, 1907