The First Family of James Casbon in England

I have written about James Casbon (~1813–1884) many times, but most of my focus has been on his later years in England, his emigration to the United States, and his children who grew up there. However, he lived most of his life in England and had a large family there by his first wife, Elizabeth… Continue reading The First Family of James Casbon in England


The Cambridge Chronicle of 26 April 1862 contained this brief report. Commitments to the Castle. … George Casbon, Meldreth, and John Reed, Whaddon, running away from the Bassingbourn union with the clothes, 21 days each. What does this mean? The report gives quite a bit of information, providing you understand some of the terminology and… Continue reading Committed

More Servants!

My last two posts profiled two individuals who entered into domestic service as a ladies-maid and footman, respectively. Before I leave the topic altogether, I want to pay tribute to many other Casbon family members who worked as domestic servants. I’ve combed through my files to find those Casbon relatives who were listed as servants… Continue reading More Servants!

Jane, William and Edith, Part 3

This is the third and final post in a series about the children of John Casbon (1779–1813) and his wife Martha (Wagstaff; 1775–1855). Today I’ll focus on Edith, the third child. Edith was born October 9, 1808, and baptized one month later in the tiny village of Whaddon, Cambridgeshire.[1] Whaddon is about 1.5 miles west… Continue reading Jane, William and Edith, Part 3

John Casbon of Meldreth & Royston (~1779-1813)

I’ve been discussing the descendants of Thomas Casbon (~1743-1799) of Meldreth (see Stepping back: Thomas Casbon, 1743-1799). Thomas’ youngest child was John, baptized Casborne October 3, 1779 in Meldreth. [1] He was the third son named John, the first two having died in infancy. Baptismal record for John Casborn, 1779, in Meldreth (Click on image… Continue reading John Casbon of Meldreth & Royston (~1779-1813)