New Homes, New Names

First, let me wish all of my readers a Happy Thanksgiving! ******************************************** I recently documented how the numbers of Casbon ancestors living in Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, dwindled, beginning in the mid-nineteenth century.[1] Today I’ll highlight two brothers who left Meldreth in the 1860s. Not only did they leave the ancestral home, but they also left the… Continue reading New Homes, New Names

In Trouble Again

Do you remember John Casbon, the 10-year old boy who was sentenced to 7-years transportation for setting a brush pile on fire (see “The old cow got round it”)? Well, it seems that he got in trouble with the law once more, as reported in the June 12, 1869 South London Chronicle.[1] When we last… Continue reading In Trouble Again

“The old cow got round it”

Several months ago I came across this record from the County of Cambridge, titled “RETURN of all Persons Committed, or Bailed to appear for Trial, or Indicted at the Summer Assizes held at The County Court on the 21st day of July 1852, shewing the nature of their Offences, and the result of the Proceedings.”[1]… Continue reading “The old cow got round it”