Using GPS: James & Susanna

Buckle your seat belts, serious genealogy discussion ahead! If you’re not into that, feel free to sit this one out. It’s OK, I don’t mind. In "James Casbon, Farmer and Carrier, 1806-1871, Part 1" I provided this marriage record for James Casbon and Susanna Hayden Sanders. [1] Marriage record of James Casbon and Susanna Hayden… Continue reading Using GPS: James & Susanna

Stepping Back: Thomas Casborn of Littleport (~1732-1780)

In my post “Stepping back: Thomas Casbon, 1743-1799” I introduced the Genealogical Proof Standard and how it is applied when tracing one’s ancestry back in time. With this post I will step back one generation in the family I previously labeled “The Peterborough Casbons.” This family originated in village of Littleport, about 6 miles north… Continue reading Stepping Back: Thomas Casborn of Littleport (~1732-1780)

Stepping back: Thomas Casbon, 1743-1799

One thing that most people want to know about in tracing their ancestry is “how far back can I go?.” The best way to do this is to go back one generation at a time, looking for evidence that proves how the two generations are related. Eventually you reach a point where there is not… Continue reading Stepping back: Thomas Casbon, 1743-1799