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Let’s have some fun today! This is a quiz for all my relatives with Porter County, Indiana roots. When you’re finished, leave a comment at the end and let me know how you did. I hope others will enjoy as well.

In 1956, the book This is Porter County, by John Drury, was published by the Inland Photo Company, of Chicago, Illinois.[1] The book contained historical information and maps, but its unique feature was the use of aerial photographs of the cities, towns, villages, and farmsteads in the county. The photographs were black and white, and low-resolution by today’s standards. They were printed using the half-tone (dots) technique. Like the earlier county histories that contained biographical sketches of many citizens, I can imagine that this book had a popular following with local residents, who could find photographs of their homes, along with those of their friends and neighbors, in its pages. The photographs from the book have been reproduced on the Porter County GenWeb website, Porter County, Indiana.[2]

Now, onto the quiz! Match the following names with the lettered photographs of their farms. Remember – these were their farms in 1956. Don’t go to the answers until you’ve made your selections.

Amos James Casbon
Floyd Sylvester Casbon
Harry James Casbon
Herbert Aylesworth Casbon
Loring Peter Casbon
Lynnet Marquart Casbon

Photos from This is Porter County, courtesy of Porter County, Indiana website (http://www.inportercounty.org/photos.html); the scanned images are copyright © property, and cannot be used for commercial purposes (Click on image to enlarge)

Before revealing the answers, I’ll say a little more about the author of This is Porter County. John Drury (1898–1972) was a journalist and author from Chicago. After starting his career in Los Angeles, he moved to back to Chicago, where he wrote for the Chicago Daily News. He specialized in historical writing, and wrote many articles about historic houses. He moved to Chesterton, Indiana, in the 1940s.[3] There he became a founding member, and honorary president, of the Chesterton-Duneland Historical Society.[4]

Click on Page 2 (below) for the answers. (Click on back arrow if you need to go back.)

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