Lawrence L. Casbon in the 1950 U.S. Census

With this post, I will begin my review of Casbon family members in the 1950 United States Census. As I mentioned in my previous post, detailed images of the 1950 census were made available to the public on 1 April 2022. They are available on several genealogy websites as well as a dedicated page at… Continue reading Lawrence L. Casbon in the 1950 U.S. Census

The Casbon Electric Company

I haven’t posted a new blog in quite some time as I have been busy with other genealogy projects. When I learned that the October theme for the Guild of One-Name Studies Blog Challenge would be “Family Business” I decided it was time to write a long overdue post about the Casbon Electric Company of… Continue reading The Casbon Electric Company

In Memoriam: David Lawrence Casbon (1940–2021)

I was saddened this past weekend to learn of Dave Casbon’s passing. He was my first cousin, once removed, one of my father’s only three first cousins. Dave and I corresponded a fair amount over many years because of our shared interest in Casbon family history. We had some good conversations about our history and… Continue reading In Memoriam: David Lawrence Casbon (1940–2021)

The Collage Explained

The photo collage at the top of every blog page is composed of different images related to the Casbon journey. Here are the stories behind the images. Background: Map showing "Meldreth." (Click on image to enlarge) This is from a 1945 British Ordinance Survey map.[1]. The earliest I've been able to trace my ancestors is the 16th… Continue reading The Collage Explained