Mable Ruth’s Mystery Marriages

Mable Ruth Casbon; scanned image of undated photo; courtesy of Claudia Vokoun Mable Ruth was the only daughter of Thomas S. (1870­­–1955) and Ella (Downs, 1873–1936) Casbon. She was born at Deep River, Lake County, Indiana on 11 August 1893.[1] Most published records indicate that she never married. However, I have come across evidence that… Continue reading Mable Ruth’s Mystery Marriages

Sunday School

This is my eighth post in the Guild of One-Name Studies blog challenge 2020. Many genealogy researchers have learned that old books can be a valuable source of information about their ancestors. Many books that are no longer protected by copyright have been digitized and are available online. The three book sources that I use… Continue reading Sunday School

Sylvester on a Cart

This photograph is courtesy of Ron Casbon. The older man is Sylvester V Casbon, my second great grandfather. The man sitting next to him is unidentified – does anybody recognize him? The photograph is undated and location unknown. I wonder if it was taken near his farm in Deep River. [UPDATE: 14 May 2020: I… Continue reading Sylvester on a Cart

From England to Indiana, Part 5

This the fifth in a series of posts examining a handwritten family history of Isaac Casbon and his descendants. The date and authorship of the manuscript is unknown. So far we’ve looked at Isaac Casbon’s family in Meldreth, England; his son Thomas’ marriage, family, and emigration first to Ohio and later to Porter County, Indiana;… Continue reading From England to Indiana, Part 5