I recently discovered an interesting database called Espacenet. It is an online service for searching patents and patent applications. According to their website, “Espacenet offers free access to information about inventions and technical developments from 1782 to today.” I typed in “Casbon” to see what would happen. Lo and behold—several patents showed up! So, today’s… Continue reading Inventors


The 19th century was a time of tremendous social and economic change in England. The industrial revolution and growth of the railroads created economic growth, new job opportunities, and shifted segments of the population from their traditional rural homelands to the cities. How did this affect our English Casbon ancestors? We can gain some insight… Continue reading Occupations

The Photographer

This is my ninth post in the Guild of One-name Studies (GOONS) blog challenge 2020. A post by fellow GOONS member Vivienne Dunstan was the inspiration for today’s post. She reported on a photograph she found on eBay that showed someone with her surname of interest. I was curious whether I could do the same… Continue reading The Photographer

An Incident in Greenwich

This piece appeared in The (London) Standard of April 12, 1871.[1] GREENWICH. Charges of Attempted Suicide. – Thomas Casbon, a young man, describing himself as a nurseryman at Peterborough, was charged with attempting to commit suicide by throwing himself into the River Thames opposite Greenwich Hospital. From the evidence of Police-serjeant 16 R, it appeared… Continue reading An Incident in Greenwich

How doth your garden grow? Part 3

After a brief interlude, it’s time to resume and conclude this series on the Casbons of Peterborough. Generation 4, Children of John Casbon (1832-1885): Thomas (1854 – 1910), Sarah (1855-1859) Mary (1860 - ?), Elizabeth (1861 - ?), John (1863 – 1925), and Sarah Jane (1865 - ?) Casbon If you’re keeping track, Thomas, born… Continue reading How doth your garden grow? Part 3

How doth your garden grow? Part 2

I’ve been trying to decide how to best proceed with the story of the Peterborough Casbons. Part of the challenge is in deciding how much or how little information to include. The other part is in trying to turn limited information into a narrative that will be interesting to somebody besides myself. The nice thing… Continue reading How doth your garden grow? Part 2