The 19th century was a time of tremendous social and economic change in England. The industrial revolution and growth of the railroads created economic growth, new job opportunities, and shifted segments of the population from their traditional rural homelands to the cities. How did this affect our English Casbon ancestors? We can gain some insight… Continue reading Occupations

More Servants!

My last two posts profiled two individuals who entered into domestic service as a ladies-maid and footman, respectively. Before I leave the topic altogether, I want to pay tribute to many other Casbon family members who worked as domestic servants. I’ve combed through my files to find those Casbon relatives who were listed as servants… Continue reading More Servants!

Going, Going …

The sister villages of Meldreth and Melbourn in Cambridgeshire are my ancestral homeland. Records of Casbon ancestors in these villages go back to the mid-sixteenth century. Families occasionally moved from one village to another, or to other nearby villages, but there was little reason or incentive to go further. The situation remained stable for over… Continue reading Going, Going …

Jane, William and Edith, Part 2

This is the second post in a series about the three children of John Casbon (1779–1813) and his wife Martha (Wagstaff, 1775–1855). Their second child was William. His birth date is not recorded, but he was baptized in Royston, Hertfordshire on Christmas day, 1805, so he was probably born earlier that same year.[1] William is… Continue reading Jane, William and Edith, Part 2

Jane, William and Edith, Part 1

I would like to preface this post with these definitions: Genealogy – a study of family ancestors with pertinent data such as birth, marriage and death dates. Family History – an in-depth study of a family lineage with greater emphasis and clarification of each ancestor’s life story.[1] Hopefully my readers will agree that this blog… Continue reading Jane, William and Edith, Part 1

Martha = Patty

Nicknames can be a challenge when it comes to genealogy research. Most genealogy search engines use first name, last name, and other details such as birth/marriage/death dates and locations to find links to records. If you use the wrong name, the search engine might not find what you’re looking for. People frequently used nicknames or… Continue reading Martha = Patty

John Casbon of Meldreth & Royston (~1779-1813)

I’ve been discussing the descendants of Thomas Casbon (~1743-1799) of Meldreth (see Stepping back: Thomas Casbon, 1743-1799). Thomas’ youngest child was John, baptized Casborne October 3, 1779 in Meldreth. [1] He was the third son named John, the first two having died in infancy. Baptismal record for John Casborn, 1779, in Meldreth (Click on image… Continue reading John Casbon of Meldreth & Royston (~1779-1813)