Grandpa’s Reader

This was my grandfather Leslie Casbon’s (1894–1990) Third Reader. I know it was his book, because he wrote his name inside the front cover. It must also have been used by his brother, Lynnet (1899–1983), whose name is written inside the back cover. Since Leslie was the oldest child of Lawrence (1865–1950) and Kate (Marquart, 1868–1959)… Continue reading Grandpa’s Reader

Leslie Casbon, Valparaiso High School Class of 1914

Getting distracted by “bright shiny objects” or BSOs is generally considered a bad habit in genealogy research. Such distractions can interrupt an organized plan of research, wasting valuable time and resulting in a disorganized mess of unrelated facts. While I generally agree with this view, I think a case can be made that pursuing BSOs… Continue reading Leslie Casbon, Valparaiso High School Class of 1914

501 Academy Street, Valparaiso, Indiana

My trip to Indiana earlier this month for a family reunion was a great time to meet people, dig into old records, and see many of the places associated with Our Casbon Journey in America. It was the first time I had spent any significant time here since childhood. The best part was being able… Continue reading 501 Academy Street, Valparaiso, Indiana

Updated “Documents” Link

Instead of my usual weekly post, I've been working hard to create two new documents, which can be found by clicking on the "Documents" link. These are Descendants of Thomas Casbon (1803-1888) and Descendants of James Casbon in America. The documents were produced by my genealogy software (Family Tree Maker®), but took quite a bit of "tweaking" on… Continue reading Updated “Documents” Link