The White Plague

The arrival of two death certificates from the General Register Office in England has helped to fill gaps in the life stories of two Casbon ancestors and also serves to highlight a topic I’ve touched on before—tuberculosis. The certificates are for two sisters-in-law, Lydia (Burgess) and Elizabeth (Waller) Casbon. Lydia was married to Joseph Casbon… Continue reading The White Plague

Going, Going …

The sister villages of Meldreth and Melbourn in Cambridgeshire are my ancestral homeland. Records of Casbon ancestors in these villages go back to the mid-sixteenth century. Families occasionally moved from one village to another, or to other nearby villages, but there was little reason or incentive to go further. The situation remained stable for over… Continue reading Going, Going …

Joseph Casbon, Death Registration, 1847

Before getting to today’s topics, I have a couple of brief announcements. First, I’m happy to say that an article I wrote titled, “Thomas Casbon, James Scruby, and the Meldreth-Wayne County, Ohio Connection” has been published on the Meldreth History website. You can read the article here. Much of the information in this article has… Continue reading Joseph Casbon, Death Registration, 1847

Joseph and Lydia (Burgess) Casbon

You might need the Kleenex® for this one. One goal of genealogy, at least for me, is to keep lives from being forgotten. By writing about them, I hope to recognize, and give context and meaning to their existence, even if there are no living descendants to preserve their memory. Sometimes there is precious little to… Continue reading Joseph and Lydia (Burgess) Casbon

From England to Indiana, Part 2

This is the second post of several reviewing the handwritten family history of Isaac Casbon and his descendants. Beginning with this post, I plan to go through the document paragraph by paragraph, comparing what it says with other sources. This post looks at the first two paragraphs discussing Isaac Casbon and his four sons. (Click on… Continue reading From England to Indiana, Part 2