Report Cards

Among the many treasures recently sent to me by John Casbon were photographs of these two report cards. These are obviously report cards for brothers Jesse (1898–1974) and Steven (1900–1979) Casbon. Jesse was John N Casbon’s father. Although the location and year of the report cards are not given, we can narrow these facts down… Continue reading Report Cards

Jess & Steve’s Excellent Adventure

Jess and Steve’s excellent adventure began on June 8, 1921, when they signed on as crew members aboard the S.S. Western Comet in Baltimore, Maryland.[1] “J” Casbon on the ship’s manifest is Jesse John Casbon, and “SF” Casbon is his younger brother Steven. Jesse and Steven were close. They were born less than two years… Continue reading Jess & Steve’s Excellent Adventure

1905, Red Lake County, Minnesota

The word serendipity means “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”[1] I was browsing through various census results the other day, not looking for anything in particular. It was through serendipity that I chanced upon this entry in the 1905 Minnesota state census. At first, I thought this… Continue reading 1905, Red Lake County, Minnesota