Wedding Bells—Hiram Church and Lodema Casbon

This month marks Hiram Church and Lodema Evaline Casbon’s 132nd wedding anniversary. They were married on 26 February 1890, as recorded in this newspaper article.

Clipping from unknown newspaper, author’s collection

Hiram, born 14 January 1866 in Boone Township, Porter County, Indiana, was the son of Thomas Hiram ((1830–1912) and Rebecca Jane (Walker, 1830–1898) Church. Lodema was the daughter of Charles Thomas (1840–1915) and Mary (Marrell, 1844–1928) Casbon. Lodema was born 24 October 1871 in Porter Township, Porter County.

Here is a photograph of the lovely couple, probably a wedding portrait. Just for fun, I colorized it to see what their clothing might have looked like.

Photograph courtesy of Ilaine Church (Click on image to enlarge)
Colorized at (Click on image to enlarge)

The news story contains many interesting details. We see that the wedding took place at the home of the bride’s parents. This would have been Charles Casbon’s farm in Morgan Township. It was located in Section 1, Township 34 north, Range 6 West, just west of what is now Sager’s Road and just south of Division Road. Charles purchased this farm in 1888.[1]

Detail from plat map of Morgan Township, Porter County, Indiana; downloaded from Porter County, Indiana: A Part of the INGenWeb Project (

Here’s a run-down of the guests:

  • Albert Church: older brother of the groom
  • Emery Church: older brother of the groom
  • Jesse Casbon: uncle of the bride
  • Amos Casbon: first cousin, once removed of the bride (son of James Casbon)
  • Willis Priest: first cousin of the bride (son of Mary Ann (Casbon) Priest)
  • Charles Casbon: first cousin of the bride (son of Sylvester Casbon)
  • Sina Casbon (misspelled as “Lina”): younger sister of the bride
  • Thomas S. Casbon: first cousin of the bride (son of Sylvester Casbon)
  • Lawrence Casbon: presumably the bride’s younger brother, not her first cousin Lawrence
  • Grant Church: younger brother of the groom
  • Mrs. Elias Phillips: the groom’s older sister Sarah
  • Mrs. Emma (Casbon) Rigg: aunt of the bride, who lived near LaPorte City, Iowa

Not in attendance, perhaps because of the “bad roads,” was my second great-grandfather Sylvester Casbon, uncle of the bride. He was living several miles away near Deep River, in Lake County.

The wedding gifts were not all familiar to me. I had to look up “castor.” This is a small caddy, or holder, for jars of condiments and cruets. This would have been an important item on a formal dining table. I’m guessing the Majolica (a kind of pottery—misspelled as Majoiica) pepper box was a small lidded box that held ground black pepper.

I wish I knew how and where Hiram and Lodema met. I would also like to know where they established their first home and what kind of work Hiram was doing. By 1900. he was listed in the census as a milk dealer and they were renting a home at number 5, Elm Street, in Valparaiso.[2] This was the location of the 1901 Casbon family reunion.

Hiram and Lodema’s marriage lasted until her death in 1938. Hiram lived until 1951. They are buried together at the family plot in Graceland Cemetery, Valparaiso.

[1] Porter County, Indiana, Deed Record 42: Jun 1887-Feb 1889, p. 449.
[2] 1900 U.S. Census, Porter County, Indiana, Valparaiso, Ward 1 (FamilySearch).

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