More Servants!

My last two posts profiled two individuals who entered into domestic service as a ladies-maid and footman, respectively. Before I leave the topic altogether, I want to pay tribute to many other Casbon family members who worked as domestic servants. I’ve combed through my files to find those Casbon relatives who were listed as servants… Continue reading More Servants!

New Document Breaks through a Brick Wall

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post about George Casbon, an orphan who was sent from England to Canada to live and work when he was 15 years old, under the auspices of Doctor Barnardo’s Homes.[1] I knew that George was born June 11, 1914, that his birth was registered in Croydon, Surrey, and… Continue reading New Document Breaks through a Brick Wall

George Casbon – A Canadian Mystery

One day, while doing research, I came upon this passenger's manifest of a ship bound for Quebec, Canada, from Liverpool, England.[1] Detail from passenger list of the Duchess of Atholl, departing Liverpool, England 20 September 1929 (Click on image to enlarge) I’ve underlined information pertaining to George Casbon, age 15. His last address in the… Continue reading George Casbon – A Canadian Mystery