Forebears: Cambridgeshire

My last post began an exploration into the early English origins of Our Casbon Journey. I presented data from parish (church) records from 1560 through 1699, showing where baptisms fitting a particular spelling pattern were reported throughout England. Baptisms in Cambridgeshire were recorded earlier and far outnumbered those of any other county. This post will… Continue reading Forebears: Cambridgeshire

Forebears: England

fore·bear also for·bear  (fôrʹbâr′)n. A person from whom one is descended; an ancestor.(American Heritage Dictionary Who were the Casbon/Casban/Casben forebears? One thing the COVID pandemic has done is given me plenty of time for online research. I’ve been using this time lately to explore the origins of the Casbon surname in England. I’ve traced my branch with… Continue reading Forebears: England

Musings on John, Continued

In the last post, I hope I made a convincing argument that John, baptized Casborn in Orwell, 1721, is the direct ancestor of myself and many of today’s Casbons, Casbans and Casbens. However, I pointed out one inconsistency in the records. John was trained as a cordwainer, or shoemaker. However, the man who was buried… Continue reading Musings on John, Continued

Musings on John

This is a follow-on to an earlier post titled “Stuck on John,”  in which I described how my research into the origins of the Meldreth branch of the Casbon family hit a “brick wall.” I had been able to trace the ancestry to a John Casborn who married Anne Chamberlain in 1742.[1] The problem was… Continue reading Musings on John

Stuck on John

Genealogists use the term brick wall to describe a situation where they cannot find the information needed to trace an ancestor. That’s where I’m at with John, the father of Thomas Casbon (1843—1799) of Meldreth. John is my sixth great grandfather. Summary diagram, descendants of John Casbon (Click on image to enlarge) I’ve used charts… Continue reading Stuck on John

James Casbon of Meldreth (~1772-1833)

I have discussed my 4th great-grandfather Isaac (“From England to Indiana, Part 2”) and his father Thomas (“Stepping back: Thomas Casbon, 1743-1799”). Today I will focus on Isaac’s older brother James, baptized as James Casbull on July 19, 1772 in Meldreth. [1] Baptismal record of James Casbull (Click on image to enlarge) He is an important… Continue reading James Casbon of Meldreth (~1772-1833)