Forebears: Cambridgeshire

My last post began an exploration into the early English origins of Our Casbon Journey. I presented data from parish (church) records from 1560 through 1699, showing where baptisms fitting a particular spelling pattern were reported throughout England. Baptisms in Cambridgeshire were recorded earlier and far outnumbered those of any other county. This post will… Continue reading Forebears: Cambridgeshire

James Casbal of Therfield

Much of today’s post is based on supposition. I will try to distinguish between firm conclusions and those based on weaker evidence. Our story begins with a marriage that took place 23 November 1778 in the village of Therfield, Hertfordshire. James Casbal, a cordwainer (shoemaker) and bachelor, married Sarah Crouch, a spinster (unmarried woman).[1] The… Continue reading James Casbal of Therfield

Back to the future—the book is finished!

My entire year has been devoted to writing a family history about the Casbon family—specifically the American branch of the family with English origins. I’m happy to say the book has gone to press and is now available by a private link to the website. Screenshot of the book’s product page on Since… Continue reading Back to the future—the book is finished!

Welcome to ‘Our Casbon Journey’!

This is the first post of what I hope will be many. Our Casbon Journey is primarily a family history blog, dedicated to everybody with the Casbon family name. I’m including Casban and Casben as closely-related variants, since many of them share common ancestors with Casbons. According to, as of 2014, our surname is the… Continue reading Welcome to ‘Our Casbon Journey’!